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10 October 2012

The Message

I just watched the 1977 movie (The Message) starring Anthony Quinn. This movie is really touching. I don't care what your faith is, but this is a true reflection of how the Islamic faith was born . If you're ignorant of Islam and have no idea what it's all about, watch this and if you already know about Islam, watch it too. What happens after you watch is up to you. Please just understand what Islam is all about before making any harsh comments. There's too many insults being thrown out to my beloved prophet Muhammad Shallahu Alaihi wassalam. This is my effort to protect my faith and share the information of what Islam is all about.


Please watch it with an open mind and throw away the negative stereotypes that Islam is terrorism and we're savages.

I cried when I was watching this movie. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) sacrificed so much to bring peace to the world and the message to worship "One God"- the creator of the heavens and the earth. Again, I dont have any intention of converting anyone to Islam, but please watch the movie. At least, I've carried out my responsibilty as a muslim to spread the message of Islam.

This is proof of my faith when I am held accountable for in front of God in the hereafter.

Peace to all...



Anonymous said...

peace be upon you

i stumbled upon your page after googling your name and thank you for sharing this post on the Message. i have not had the opportunity to watch it but maybe in the future.

i would like to echo your sentiment on how much our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)did sacrifice for us and I had the exact feeling when I did my sujood during my Umrah trip 3 years back.

There is so much to learn from and about him and as Muslims how can we say we love and follow him but we don't know much or anything about him. Let alone to the outside world who will continue to think otherwise about us.

Alhamdulillah, Allah is most merciful and guides whom He pleases and as practising muslims, we strive to be closer to him by setting good examples to others around us. Do our little da'wah where we can in hope for it to be accepted in the hearafter.


sabrina saidin said...

im sabrina..found u in MC..this my YM:sabrinasaidin11@yahoo.com.my